Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The child and the adult must both be receiving a Spa Policies service. We love children but we cannot babysit.

Cancellation Policy requires a 36 hour notice. A valid credit, debit or gift certificate is required to reserve an appointment. A no-show will be charged a 50% fee for weekday appointments and 100% for a non-cancellable Saturday appointment. If a gift certificate is holding the appointment it will be null and void. Rescheduling does not alter the policy if the requirements are not met.

Group Appointments are prepaid. There is no option for cancellation.

Gratuities cannot be placed on a credit card. Gift Certificates cannot be used for a gratuity. If you choose to do so cash or check is the only acceptable form of gratuity.

Pregnancy Massage requires a Physicians Release. In the 1st trimester massage is not allowed. A medical release from your doctor can be faxed to 724-772-6247 or hand carried to your appointment. It is important that you let us know about allergies. Avoid aromatherapy, detoxification and equipment services. Please call us to be certain that the Physicians fax was received at the spa a few days before your appointment.

Arrival and Check In Time. Please allow 15 minutes to complete your personal health profile, change and relax. Groups of 3 or more should arrive 30 minutes before start time. Late arrivals will be subject to a shortened service out of respect for the next client.

Gift Certificates are the same as cash. If lost or stolen it cannot be traced and the full value is lost. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please know that prices may change from the time a gift certificate is purchased to the time it is used. Whoever presents the gift certificate will need to pay the difference, if any.

What To Wear – whatever you would like. While you are at the spa if you would like a robe and slippers it is our pleasure to accommodate. All multiple package services require the use of our locker facility and a cozy robe and slippers.

Health and Medical Conditions. The personal profile sheet is a necessary piece that allows for a wellness spa experience. Please point out any allergies, likes and dislikes on the health form and also while receiving your service. We always welcome and value your input.

Makeup – it is up to you whether you arrive with or without makeup. Full face makeup takes time to remove and limits experience time.

Simply Stated – Arrive on time, keep us informed, if you are interacting do so in a whisper spa voice particularly in a group, respect the other guests experience, when a service is complete please make room for the next guest and proceed to the relaxation area, communicate issues to your therapist or management, relax and let go of everything.

Renaissance Day Spa Inc. retains the right to limit and make decisions relative to all client spa services.